Ultimate Spider-Man
#28 - The Rhino

Original Airdate - January 27th, 2013
Spider-Man must stop Rhino’s personal vendetta against Spidey’s least favorite Midtown High classmate: Flash Thompson.

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Review by Frontier

Well we're going into the origins of each member of the Team this season, word of mouth from a producer, so that will answer whether Ultimate Spider-Man's Luke Cage is the Luke Cage.

A good episode, and much better than Electro's debut.

I'm surprised they actually gave Rhino a character instead of just making him a threat of the week like Electro was. I'm even more surprised that they actually used his real name! Props to the creators on that front, even if it makes me question why they practically didn't bother with Electro.

I guess they couldn't have the rest of the Team in the episode because they wouldn't have been much of a threat against Rhino. Well... except for Nova. Doesn't he also have super strength and invulnerability?

More props to the creators for actually giving Flash some development, little as it was, and some background. Sure they could've done more of this in Season 1, but I guess they're trying to make up for lost opportunities or something like that.

Three episodes in to Season 2 and I'm left wondering when we'll pick up the Green Goblin storyline again. He's still the show's main Big Bad so you'd think he'd have more of a presence, or even that Harry with his newfound hate for Spider-Man would get some focus, though the creators might think that that's too much plot to put in a "kid's show." At least season 1 had an overall arc from the beginning with the Osborn/Doc Ock thing, but that's nowhere to be seen in Season 2 especially when Ock had nothing to do with the creation of Rhino. Maybe once the Sinister Six shows up things will start coming together, though I'm not getting my hopes up.

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