Ultimate Spider-Man
#17 - Snow Day

Original Airdate - August 5th, 2012
Spider-Man and his team sneak off for a vacation on a deserted tropical island. However, they soon realize something is not right with the island and the Sandman will make sure they never leave.

Ultimate Spider-Man stars Drake Bell (Drake & Josh) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Chi McBride (Boston Public) as Nick Fury, Clark Gregg (Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers) as Agent Coulson, JK Simmons (Spider-Man) as J. Jonah Jameson, Steven Weber (Wings) as Norman Osborn, Greg Cipes (Teen Titans, Ben 10) as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Ogie Banks as Luke Cage/Power Man, Caitlyn Taylor Love (I'm In The Band) as Ava Ayala/White Tiger, Logan Miller (I'm In The Band) as Sam Alexander/Nova, Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Doctor Octopus, Matt Lanter (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Harry Osborn/Flash Thompson, Tara Strong (The Fairly Odd Parents) as Mary-Jane Watson, Misty Lee (Batman: Arkham City) as Aunt May, and recurring guest star Stan Lee (Spider-Man) as Stan the Janitor.

Guest starring is Dee Bradley Baker (Phineas and Ferb) as Sandman.

"Snow Day" was written by Rich Fogel and Man of Action and directed by Phil Pignotti.

Ultimate Spider-Man is produced by Marvel Animation and carries a TV-Y7-FV parental guideline.

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by RoyalRubble

Sandman, another one of Spidey's classic rogues, makes his debut in this episode. I liked this take on Sandman - he has gone crazy from being trapped all alone on an island, exiled there by Nick Fury years ago (apparently - based on the hieroglyphs seen in this episode, which show Fury with lots of hair). Apparently the fact that Sandman created a new identity from himself, a kid adequately named Sandy is based on a story from the comics, which unfortunately I never read. Though that's one thing I like about not reading that many comic books: sometimes cartoons really surprise me despite being based on older stories.

Animation-wise, this episode looked great. I liked seeing the Sandman in action as well as the heroes trying to escape from his island prison. Supposedly the Sandman couldn't escape from the island since it is obviously surrounded by water; I'm pretty sure he would have figured out a way to leave even without Spidey and his friends unknowingly taking him with them off the island. I'd say the story could have been better, but that sounds like a comment I had for all the episodes of this show so far.

Nova continues to be my least favorite character on the show. He's always portrayed as an idiot and none of his jokes are ever funny. He's the least developed member of the team - he's the only one who hasn't had an episode focused on him, like the others. Sure the episodes which focused on the other heroes weren't spectacular either, nor did they offer tons of character development for them but at least they tried. Nova hasn't had anything like that, and I'm starting to think not even an episode focused on him would really change my opinion at this point.

Despite some pretty bad moments, this episode was actually good. It had some great action scenes and a decent enough story. But more importantly, it was entertaining. Either the show is slowly starting to improve, or I lowered my expectations just enough to enjoy it.

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