Where Evil Nests
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #3 - Where Evil Nests
Original Airdate October 16th, 1999.

Spider-Man meets the counter Earth version of The Green Goblin as Venom and Carnage make thier move...

Story By: Will Meugniot
Written By: Steve Perry, Brynne Chandler Reaves
Directed By: Patrick Archibald
Guest Starring: Rino Romano as Spider-Man/Peter Parker/The Green Goblin

Review: Spider-Manís arch nemesis The Green Goblin makes his debut here, but itís not the Green Goblin weíre all used to. No, this show wasnít allowed to use the comic version from the looks of it so weíre stuck with this original take on the character. In a truly odd twist, this Green Goblin is a good guy, the neighbourhoodís superhero. Iím not sure why one of Spideyís best enemies was turned face, but I canít say I care for it.

Another odd thing about The Goblin is his casting. Rino Ramano plays both Spider-Man and The Green Goblin here and doesnít especially do a great job with either of them. His Spidey often feels like itís trying too hard to be cool, especially when delivering his embarrassing ďYour friendly interplanetary Spider-Man!Ē The design for The Goblin is actually quite cool. Thereís no glider and his face is a little odd, but I thoughts the wings were pretty cool, and allowed for a pretty good fight with Spidey when they were enemies at the beginning of the episode.

Speaking of designs, I donít actually mind the Unlimited suit too much. I miss the webs on his head, and I think the cape is daft, but itís not too bad a suit. Itís not as cool as the traditional red and blue suit or even the red and black Spidey suit used in the opening episode, but itís not terrible by any means. I donít like it being nanotech though; itís just un-original and too far out of Spideyís realm. It also comes from his watch, which made me feel a little embarrassed when watching it, to be honest. Thereís some things that one can never get used to, and Spideyís nanotech is one of themÖ

Thereís not too many utterly stupid moments in this episode, which is probably due to a lack of The Beastials appearing but there is one which simply had me rolling my eyes. When Spidey and The Goblin are fighting robots, The Goblin blinds them with a flash pumpkin bomb. He blinded robots. Which have no eyes, and no nerves


Did anyone actually sit down and watch this show before shipping it out to air?!

Not a truly terrible episode, but if you compare it to Enter The Green Goblin, youíre bound to be utterly disappointed with it. Itís better than the opening 2 part episode, however.