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Review by Amazing Spidey; Screenshots by Amazing Spidey

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Episode #37 - The Spot
Original Airdate - October 26, 1996

Ex-employee of Stark Industries, Dr. Jonathan Ohn, invents a portable interdimensional technology that accidentally makes him the living embodiment of a portal. Calling himself the Spot, he tries to steal money to fund his research. But his unstable invention has created a vortex that threatens to engulf New York. How can Spider-Man fight that?


Since the series finished, debate has raged between its fans, which episode is worse? The Rocker Racer or The Spot? It was absolutely terrible. The script was beyond terrible, The Spot was the lamest villain ever, and his voice left one wishing a portal would come and suck up my TV. 

The Kingpin was treated like a joke. The episode was such a calamity, ever scene it tried to do just failed. Miserably.

Even the ending lacked sense, if The Spot could make these portals, why didn't he just make one when he was limbo world to get out?

Possibly the only redeeming moment comes at the end, with a very nice Hobgoblin cameo, setting us up for Goblin War.

How such a crappy episode was approved I donít know. I realise they wanted inter-dimensional technology, but there had to be a better way to do it than this!