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Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episode Guide

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Episode #42 Guilty
Original Airdate - February 1st, 1997
Still dealing with the loss of Mary Jane, Spider-Man's friend Robbie is framed of a crime. Spider-Man works with J. Jonah Jameson to clear his name.

Episode #43 - The Cat
Original Airdate - February 8th, 1997
Doctor Octopus attempts to blackmail the Hardy family with his knowledge of their ties to the legendary burglar known as The Cat. However, Doctor Octopus is coerced into helping the Kingpin, who also has plans for The Cat, namely kidnapping him from his cell in S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and forcing him to reveal his knowledge of the Super Soldier formula that created Captain America!

Episode #44 - The Black Cat
Original Airdate - February 15th, 1997
With the super soldier serum in hand, Kingpin successfully tests it on Felicia Hardy, The Cat's daughter. Now the superpowered Black Cat, Felicia teams up with Spider-Man to rescue her father and stop Kingpin from using the serum for his own ends.

Episode #45 - The Return of Kraven
Original Airdate - February 22nd, 1997
After Dr. Crawford is mutated into a monster, Spider-Man and Black Cat team up with Kraven to help her. Meanwhile, Dr. Curt Conners races to find an antidote.

Episode #46 - Partners
Original Airdate - May 3rd, 1997
Alistair Smythe, currently working as Silvermane's top scientist, kidnaps the Black Cat. He then bribes Spider-Man into capturing the Scorpion or the Vulture in exchange for her release, and plans to use their DNA to restore Silvermane's true physical appearance.

Episode #47 - The Awakening
Original Airdate - May 10th, 1997
Debra Whitman and Clay Marks locate Morbius and bring him to ESU to work on a cure. At the same time Herbert Landon and the Shocker are hired by the Kingpin to capture Morbius in an effort to unlock the secret to immortality. The Black Cat hears of the news and teams up with Spider-Man to stop the Kingpin and make sure Morbius doesn't lose control.

Episode #48 - Vampire Queen
Original Airdate - May 17th, 1997
While hunting a vampire in Eastern Europe, Blade discovers that Morbius is still alive. Meanwhile, Mirium flies to New York to seek out the Neogenic Recombinator. Spider-Man, Black Cat, Morbius, Blade and others must try to stop Mirium before she turns everyone into vampires.

Episode #49 - The Return of the Green Goblin
Original Airdate - July 12th, 1997
Harry Osborn begins to lose his mind and takes on the cowl of the Green Goblin. Meanwhile, Anna Watson suspects that Peter Parker is behind the disappearance of Mary Jane and asks the Punisher to locate her daughter. Spider-Man is faced with the task of stopping Harry without harming him while eluding the merciless Punisher!

Episode #50 - The Haunting of Mary Jane
Original Airdate - July 19th, 1997
Mary Jane finally gets her big break in recreating the movie role made famous by an actress, named Miranda Wilson. But when Mary Jane starts hearing her father's voice, she finds herself trapped in the catacombs below Wonder Studios in the clutches of a vengeful Miranda. To save Mary Jane, Spidey must team up with one of his greatest enemies...Mysterio.

Episode #51 - The Lizard King
Original Airdate - July 26, 1997
Peter proposes to Mary Jane and asks Doctor Connors to walk her down the aisle. But before the group cancelebrate, a group of Lizard-Men attack and bring them down into the sewers. Spider-Man finds himself in the battle of his life as he fights the Lizard-King and his horde of minions!

Episode #52 - The Prowler
Original Airdate August 2nd, 1997
Hobbie, a man with a troubled past, is released from prison with the help of Wilson Fisk and seeks to get revenge on his former boss, Iceberg. Fisk allows Hobbie to use a special suit to give him super-human powers as the Prowler, but with one caveat: that if he removes the suit, it will detonate!

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