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Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episode Guide

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Episode 28 - Doctor Strange
Original Airdate - April 27th, 1996
Peter's search for Mary Jane leads him to an evil cult led by a man called Baron Mordo, who wants to release his master, Dormammu, from another dimension. Spider-Man teams up with Doctor Strange and his sidekick Wong to rescue Mary Jane and take back the Wand of Watoomb from Baron Mordo. 

Episode #29 - Make A Wish
Original Airdate - May 4th, 1996
Peter is on the brink of giving up the Spider-Man costume when he meets a mystic figure named Madame Web and his biggest fan, a little girl called Tyana. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus returns and attacks Spider-Man with his new Octobot.

Episode #30 - Attack of the Octobot
Original Airdate - May 11th, 1996
During Doctor Octopus' attack, Spider-Man loses his memory. Realizing the opportunity at hand, Doctor Octopus convinces Spider-Man to become his partner in crime. Luckily for Spidey, Tyana and a cabbie named Mousie witness the incident and hatch a plan to save their favorite super hero!

Episode #31 - Enter The Green Goblin
Original Airdate - May 18th, 1996
While developing a new gas for the Kingpin to use as a weapon, a mistake triggers an explosion and Norman Osborn disappears in the chaos. A new villain, The Green Goblin appears and kidnaps all of Osborn's enemies. As Spider-Man investigates the origin of this new villain, the evidence begins to point to only one person...Harry Osborn!

Episode #32 - The Rocket Racer
Original Airdate - September 14th, 1996
A group of thieves called the Rocket Raiders are perpetrating robberies across Manhattan. Meanwhile, one of Peter's students, Robert, gets in trouble with the law when some thugs ransack his mother's store. Fed up with the lack of safety, Robert becomes a vigilante known as the Rocket Racer and sets off to take on the Rocket Raiders.

Episode #33 - Framed
Original Airdate - September 21st, 1996
Peter believes his luck is changing for the better when Richard Fisk, son of Wilson Fisk, hires him for a job. Things turn out to be too good to be true when Fisk frames Peter for a federal crime. Enter Peter's lawyer Matt Murdoch, also known as the vigilante Daredevil!

Episode #34 - The Man Without Fear
Original Airdate - September 28th, 1996
Spider-Man teams up with Daredevil to confront the Kingpin and to clear Peter's name. With a new ally and the revelation that the Kingpin is in fact Wilson Fisk, Spidey sets off to tackle the Kingpin and his crew once and for all.

Episode #35 - The Ultimate Slayer
Original Airdate October 5th, 1996
Against his wishes, the Kingpin transforms Alistair Smythe into a half-cyborg, half-mutant creature to become the Ultimate Spider Slayer. Bitter about the betrayal, Smythe turns on his former boss and goes on a vendetta to destroy all the people responsible for his father's death.

Episode #36 - Tombstone
Original Airdate - October 12th, 1996
Robbie Robertson is losing his son Randy Robertson to a gang led by Tombstone, a thug that Robbie has history with. Tombstone promises to release Robbie's son if he kills Alicia Silvermane's news story. 

Episode #37 - Venom Returns
Original Airdate - November 2nd, 1996
The Venom symbiote returns to Earth and reunites with Eddie Brock. He is ordered by Dormammu to steal a machine from Stark Enterprises capable of releasing Dormammu from his dimension. When Venom battles Spider-Man and War Machine, he is easily defeated. He soon gets help from Cletus Kasady, who has bonded with another symbiote to turn into...Carnage!

Episode #38 - Carnage
Original Airdate - November 9th, 1996
Baron Mordo and Dormammu help Eddie Brock's cell-mate, Cletus Kasady, become the merciless villain known as Carnage. Dormammu uses Carnage to get himself into this world and the three set off to create chaos. Faced with more enemies than he can handle, Spider-Man turns to an old ally: Iron Man!

Episode #39 - The Spot
Original Airdate - October 19th, 1996
Ex-employee of Stark Industries, Dr. Jonathan Ohn, invents a portable interdimensional device that accidentally makes him a living embodiment of a portal. Calling himself the Spot, he tries to steal money to fund his research and his unstable invention creates a vortex that threaten to engulf New York.

Episode #40 - Goblin War!
Original Airdate - November 16th, 1996
The Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin clash over Dr. Ohn's Time Dilation Accelerator. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane are celebrating Felicia Hardy's engagement to Jason Macendale when it is revealed that Macendale is in fact the Hobgoblin! 

Episode #41 - Turning Point
Original Airdate - November 23rd, 1996
With the Time Dilation Accelerator, the Green Goblin trails Spider-Man and discovers his secret identity. Insane and equipped with the newly found information, The Green Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane Watson and takes her to the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man races to save Mary Jane, but will it be too late?

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