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Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episode Guide

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Episode #14 - The Insidious Six
Original Airdate - September 9th, 1995
In order to finally kill Spider-Man, the Kingpin hires the Insidious Six (Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Chameleon, Shocker, Rhino and Mysterio) to take him down. Farley Stillwell also creates Neogenics, which starts taking away Spider-Man's strength. After losing his powers, Spider-Man is captured by the Insidious Six.

Episode #15 - Battle of the Insidious Six
Original Airdate - September 16th, 1995
The Insidious Six unmask Spider-Man, but Dr. Octopus is convinced that the Spider-Man they unmasked is a fraud. Meanwhile, Kingpin kidnaps Silvermane and, using the Insidious Six, wages war with the top crime lords in the city.

Episode #16 Hydro-Man
Original Airdate - September 23rd, 1995
Mary Jane's old boyfriend begins stalking her. He has a new ability to transform his body into water and is furious over Mary Jane's relationship with Peter Parker. As his rage builds up, Hydro-Man becomes more and more dangerous. Spider-Man swings into action to protect Mary Jane and defeat the jealous ex-boyfriend.

Episode #17 - Mutant Agenda
Original Airdate - September 30th, 1995
Spider-Man's progressing neogenic mutation is making him ill. He approaches Professor Charles Xavier to help him find a cure. In doing so he meets the X-Men but is disappointed to learn that Xavier does not 'cure' mutancy, and only teaches mutants how to control their abilities. But before Spider-Man leaves, Beast tells him about Dr. Herbert Landon who is working on a cure for mutants. Desperate for a cure, Peter Parker attends one of Landon's demonstrations only to find himself in a death match between himself, Wolverine and the Hobgoblin!

Episode #18 - Mutants' Revenge
Original Airdate - October 7th, 1995
Wolverine catches up with Spider-Man, who is hot on the trail of the missing Hank McCoy. Later Hobgoblin steals the mutant technology that Dr. Herbert Landon had prepared for the Kingpin. Spider-Man and Wolverine follow him and discover Beast's location as well as the plot to destroy all mutant-kind; the two team up and rescue Beast from becoming the first test subject of Landon's plot. But when Landon accidentally falls victim to his own experiment he is changed into a giant monster that feeds on electrical energy.

Episode #19 - Morbious
Original Airdate - October 28th, 1995
Spider-Man's mutation is now turning him into a monster. Luckily for Peter, Dr. Mariah Crawford has developed a possible cure for the disease. But before the cure could be implemented, Morbius steals a sample of Peter's blood. While experimenting on the sample, a vampire bat bites Morbius and causes a mutation that will change him forever.

Episode #20 - Enter The Punisher
Original Airdate - November 4th, 1995
Spider-Man's mutation is getting worse and causes four additional arm to grow on his body. As Morbius's rampage continues, the Punisher comes to New York to deal with the mutating Spider-Man, blaming him for the attacks that Morbius is perpetrating.

Episode #21 - Duel of the Hunters
Original Airdate - November 11th, 1995
In the final stage on mutation, Spider-Man transforms into the Man-Spider. Dr. Mariah Crawford summons Kraven the Hunter to help her track down Spider-Man and cure him of his mutation with a newly developed antidote. At the same time, the Punisher seeks to destroy the monster.

Episode #22 - Blade the Vampire Hunter
Original Airdate - February 3rd, 1996
The vampire hunter Blade arrives in New York to destroy Morbius, but instead of killing him Spider-Man wants to revert Morbius back into his human form. When Spider-Man reveals that Morbius is the victim of a Neogenic Recombinator experiment gone awry, Blade decides to destroy the equipment. But before he can, Morbius steals it giving him the power to turn anyone into a vampire!

Episode #23 - The Immortal Vampire
Original Airdate - February 10th, 1996
In addition to dealing with his best friend taking his girl out on the town, Spidey has to battle both Blade and Morbius. With the frenzied vampire hunter after the misunderstood living vampire and innocents caught in the cross-fire, Spider-Man has his work cut out for him!

Episode #24 - Tablet of Time
Original Airdate - November 18th, 1995
Dr. Curt Connors is set to study the Tablet of Time, a recently discovered ancient artifact that is said to restore a person's youth. Dr. Connors believes that it can cure Spider-Man's mutagenic transformations with the tablet. But before he can study it, Silvermane steals the tablet and sends Spider-Man and Dr. Connors into a race to take it back.

Episode #25 - Ravages of Time
Original Airdate - November 25th, 1995
Silvermane has possession of the Tablet of Time and plans to use it to restore his youth. He sends Tombstone to kidnap Dr. Connors to figure out how to channel enough energy for the tablet to work. Meanwhile, Kingpin sends Hammerhead to kidnap Alicia Silver as a bargaining chip to get his wife back from Silvermane. With a war between the two titans of the underworld about to explode, Spider-Man must find a way to save all the hostages while making sure the Tablet of Time is returned to the right hands.

Episode #26 - Shriek of the Vulture
Original Airdate - February 17th, 1996
When Norman Osborn attempts to take over Toomes Aeronautical, Adrian Toomes, using the Tablet of Times to steal youth from anyone he touches, suits up as the Vulture to destroy Norman Osborn!

Episode #27 - The Final Nightmare
Original Airdate February 24th, 1996
Unaware that absorbing Spider-Man's youth would also absorb his DNA, the Vulture begins to mutate in the Man-Spider. Growing weak from the rapid aging, Spider-Man seeks help from Dr. Connors to find a cure. Meanwhile, the Scorpion is back in town and kidnaps Dr. Farley Stillwell to find a cure for his own mutation.

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