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The Vampire Queen
Review And Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #48 - The Vampire Queen
Original Airdate 17th May 1997

There's a new Vampire in town, but Morbius is getting all the blame. Just as Spidey, Black Cat, Whistler and Morbius have the Vampire Queen trapped, Blade bursts in and prevents her destruction. His revelation sets the others against him, while the queen attempts to create an army of vampires. Meanwhile, Harry Osborn discovers Peter's spare Spider-Man mask!

Story By: John Semper
Written By: Meg McLaughlin & John Semper
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS)
Guest Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Jennifer Hale as The Black Cat, Dawnn Lewis as Detective Terry Lee, Nick Jameson as Morbius, Oliver Muirhead as Whistler, J.D. Hall as Blade and Nichelle Nichols as Miriam

Review: Good God another Morbius episode. Season four had a lot of standalone episodes, and lacked any real kind of story arc to it. There was some great chemistry between Spider-Man and Black Cat and it helped tie up a few nagging loose ends from the previous seasons, but overall, not a lot happened in season four. Partially, itís because the show kept bringing back characters that arguably didnít see another appearance, such as Kraven, and this episodesí stars, Morbius and Blade.

Iíve always dug Blade, from his appearances here to the badass Wesley Snipes movies and this episode dug into his origins a little more, and actually gave him a little more development than I was expecting. His Mother, Miriam wasnít very interesting, and her design seemed to resemble a Lady of the 1800ís. A really dissapointing villain.

In Morbiusí Neogenic Nightmare appearances, the thing I liked most about him was that his origins were tied into Spider-Manís disease, and Morbius was transformed because of Spider-Manís poisoned blood and in turn, Spidey felt guilty about Morbiusí condition. Unfortunately, most of this was completely lost here, and the Neogenic recombinator turned normal people into vampires as if by magic. It made for a very confusing plot point, and with Spider-Man no longer needing the device to stop him from turning into Man-Spider, there was no real hook to the story. It was a no-brainer to simply destroy the recombinator. For a series that usually liked to add a little something extra to make itís stories unpredictable, it was a little disappointing. Itís ending was a bit of a shocker, with Black Cat just up and leaving. Poor Spidey, he had it rough this season. Of course, MJ returned in the next episode so it wasnít all bad, but personally, I was glad to be rid of Black Cat.

It wasnít as bad as Iíve probably made it sound, but both this episode and the previous one were unneeded.