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Tablet of Time
Review by Amazing Spidey, Media By Kolbar

Episode #24 - Tablet of Time
Original Airdate February 10, 1996

Spider-Man and Blade team up to stop Morbius turning Felicia into a vampire!

Written By: John Semper, Mark Hoffmeier and Stan Berkowitz
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS)
Guest Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Liz Georges as Debra Whitman, Joseph Campanella as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard, Roscoe Lee Browne as Kingpin, Jeff Corey as Silvermane, Nicky Blair as Hammerhead, Caroline Goodall asVanessa Fisk, Maxwell Caulfield as Alistair Smythe, Leigh-Allyn Baker as Alisa Silver, Giselle Loren as Margaret Conners, and Dorian Harewood as Tombstone

Review: This is where the Neogenic Nightmare started dragging. The episode started off well enough, we knew what the tablet could do, and we knew who wanted it and we saw Spider-Man stopping them, specifically Hammerhead, getting it. This episode is arguably most noteable for Barnes classic delivary when he is trapped in the fish shredder. Barnes had great comic timing throughout this show, and his reaction when Spidey smelt the fish was a classic.

Soon afterwards, once Smythe got a hold of the Tablet, the whole story became a mess. Silvermane kidnapping Margaret Conners and Spider-Man fighting The Lizard wasnít exactly needed. It soon became a huge case of everyone kidnapping everyone to the point where I really didn't care anymore. This episode introduced Tombstone, as Silvermane's lackey but other than that, its not up to much. At least it was better than part 2. The ending, with Tombstone's "I don't breath" was excellent, only, as soon as part two started he up and left. A dull way to conclude a cool cliffhanger.

It was a trying arc, one which I personally couldnít wait to end. Silvermane's quest for his youth back was pretty dull, and the supporting cast werenít up to much. It was nice seeing Vanessa Fisk, but as said aboveit started out well and fell from there.