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The Six Fight Again
Review And Media by Amazing Spidey

Episode #57 - The Six Fight Again
Original Airdate October 10, 1997

Spider-Man and the Warriors join forces to stop the Kingpin from activating the doomsday device.

Written By: John Semper
Music Composed By: Shuki Levy and Kussa Mahchi
Animation Services By: Toyko Movie Shinsha (TMS)
Guest Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes as Spider-Man, Earl Boen as The Red Skull, David Hyter as Captain America, Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Doctor Octopus, Jim Cummings as The Shocker, Richard Moll as The Scorpion, Alan Johnson as The Vulture, Roy Dotrice as Keene Marlow and Mira Furlan as Silver Sable

Review: This is when the story really started getting itself together and the build up finally leads into the big story, the Six American Warriors and Spider-Man team up. The whole 5 parts of this story seemed to be told at a very slow pace that was a welcome change to me. It also meant the actors had more time to perform rather than rushing all their lines out. This series had much more ideas than episodes and sometimes they got crammed together, often with lacklustre results.

One of the weirder aspects of this arc is Kingpin. UnlikeÖ every other Kingpin appearance, he actually joins his lackeys in finding the keys. He evens reveals his identity to Robbie! Certainly an odd move that was unfortunately never expanded upon. If I recall, The Kingpin was never actually defeated. Iíd love to see Spidey finally take him down, but it didnít happen here.

The episode slightly touches upon race issues from the 1940ís, including an explanation as to why The Black Marvel wore a hood and kept his identity a secret. Itís interesting to see that Semper would choose to add this. Again, itís only briefly touched up.

Itís also odd that Richard Moll actually spoke the Rhinoís only line instead of Don Stark. The Shocker didnít speak in the previous episode either. Clever way of saving no the costs of voices!

The Six returning was a great moment. If I knew whom half of them were, Iíd imagine this would be a spine tingling moment. I almost couldnít believe my eyes when they fought The Insidious Six, as Miss America and Black Marvel actually smacked their opponents in the face! The fight scenes in this show were censored to a ridiculous degree. I mean, itís an action show. People will fight. Whatís even stupider is that this aired on the same network as Batman where characters continually punched each other. Stupid networks.

The coolest part of the episode was the long awaited return of Captain America. We knew he was coming since the beginning of season four and he was back to his best. I think itís a shame we never got the planned Captain America series after Avengers, I think a Cap cartoon wouldíve been awesome. Itís sad that the golden age of Marvel animation had to end the way it did, a crappy Spider-Man series ending on a cliffhanger and the other cartoon, The Silver Surfer concluded with the universe ending! Both of them ending with the dreaded ďTo Be ContinuedĒ when the show didnít.

I thought it was pretty cool to have The Chameleon be the traitor. I always thought this showís version of Chameleon was cool, simply because he didnít speak. He always morphed into someone else to speak. It also continued a plot thread from the 3rd seasons in which he and Richard Fisk talk about Parkerís parents being traitors. As with all the Six Forgotten Warriors episodes, the next one is better than this one. I thought they did a fantastic job building up The Doomsday Weapon. Itís interesting to note that Semper wrote every single episode of this arc himself. Itís arguable that a tribute to the silver age is no place for a Spider-Man cartoon but hell, like Secret Wars I really enjoyed it. It was a daring story to say the least but it paid off.