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DVD - The Return Of The Green Goblin

Release Information:
Format: DVD
Packaging Type: Amaray
Media Quantity: 1
Run Time: 79 Minutes

The Spot
Goblin War!
Turning Point
Guilty Return Of The Green Goblin
Aspect Ratio(s):

Edition Details:
Encoding: Region 1
Animated, Color

Review And Scans By Amazing Spidey

This is the 2nd Spider-Man disc Buena Vista released, this one was released to cash in on the Spider-Man movie coming to DVD, and features episodes surrounding the movies villain, the Green Goblin.

The episodes range from the best the series had to offer, Turning Point, to the worst, The Spot. However, it works well, as the 4 main episodes work well as a 'movie' type disc, with the bonus episode 'The Return Of The Green Goblin' acting as a 'sequel' of sorts. I would recommend the disc on the brilliance of Turning Point alone, but that's not the only thing the disc has going for it.

Both the transfer and the audio are nice, which is all you can come to expect from a TV on DVD from the notorious Disney. The audio was especially impressive for me, as I watched them on tape a lot beforehand, and it all starts going to crap after a few viewings, but they are represented clearly here, and it's worth it solely for some of the fabulous vocal talent in just these 5 episodes. Neil Ross, Chris Barnes and Mark Hamill are all sounding their best here. The transfer works well, it makes things which painfully stood out in their original format, such as the dodgy CGI buildings, look tolerable and in some cases, quite cool.

The features are worth it, for those who love their features. Stan Lee's Soapbox is the undoubted highlight, as he talks about the creation of Spider-Man, why he was so different from the other spandex-clad heroes at the time, and how the character has managed to remain so successful through his 40+year history. He also talks about the creations of the villains, specifically the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus.

For those who don't care for the 90's cartoon, there's something for you here, as Disney included 2 bonus episodes from the 60's cartoon, complete with the greatest theme song of all time. It's obvious the disc is here for the kiddies but I can't see the single discs lasting forever. The show has barely left the air for 10 years and continue's to get the ratings. I bought this disc because the episodes are strong enough to purchase it, but this is one of the few occasions were the viewer would struggle to understand the story without a set. Let's hope Disney make them soon.