Doctor Strange
Review by Amazing Spidey; Screenshots by Kolbar

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Episode #28 - Doctor Strange
Original Airdate - April 27, 1996

Spidey, mourning Mary Jane's disappearance, discovers her working with a strange cult. Peter infiltrates the cult, and is brainwashed by Baron Mordo, head of the cult. Mordo wants them to steal the Wand of Watoum from to free his master, Dormamuu. It is being held by Doctor Strange, master of the mystic arts, who breaks Mordo's spell over Peter. However, Mordo manages to get his hands on the Wand, and it's up to Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and his sidekick Wong, to stop them!


The 3rd season opener was certainly a strange one. Taking its queue from an old Amazing Spider-Man annual, it featured the first and only animated team up of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

Continuing from last season’s cliffhanger, Spider-Man is searching for the missing Mary Jane Watson, and it appears someone has taken over her mind.

The opening fight in Dr. Strange sanctuary was defiantly a cool one, and was surprising well animated. Dr. Strange has a cool design and the voice, provided by John Vernon fitted the character. This was my first introduction to Dr. Strange, and it was a nice one. I thought Wong, Dr. Strange’s ninja sidekick was very cool.

The villains were not what I expect from Spidey, but then again, they were Dr. Strange's villains, so they weren’t out of place. The same can’t be said for their later appearances however.

It was weird seeing Peter's parents in the dream sequence. Until now, the show had basically avoided all mention of them. I would’ve thought that Uncle Ben would’ve been used but I suppose, with Peter not remembering his parents, he'd miss them more.

Overall, Dr Strange was good episode with a solid plot, nice animation and some good characterization from all concerned. It got the 3rd season off to a strong start.