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Episode #39 - Carnage
Original Airdate - November 9, 1996

Spider-Man and Venom must put aside their differences and help Iron Man stop Carnage and Baron Mordo from releasing Dormammu.


Concluding from were Venom Returns left off, the episode took a more mystical turn thanks to the largely unneeded presence of Dormammu. It also had a large number of fight scenes, although the story somehow didnít suffer for it.


The cast was especially large, considering we had Spidey, Venom, Carnage, Iron Man, Mordo, Dr Kafka and Dormammu to contend with, which is a shame because the symbiotes were the best part, and Dormammu and Mordo arenít really all that interesting.


One of the best scenes in the episodes featured Venom returning to the Daily Bugle and attacking Jameson. Spidey intervened, and for a few short minutes it was the Spidey versus Venom sequel we never had. Quite why Spideyís most popular villain only had 3 appearances in the show is baffling, especially considering how good they all where.


The episode was actually well directed for a change. Despite the large number of characters, the fight scenes were pretty good, for Spider-Manís standards. There was nothing here that was Night Of The Lizard worthy, but good all the same.


Carnage wasnít allowed to kill people on Saturday morning, so the crew had him suck the life out of people. The visual for this was actually pretty cool, it kind of inverted his design.


Iron Man was cool in this episode. When this first aired, I had only seen season one of his show, so it was great to see Iron Man with a good design, and not have him run through exactly the same story every week. His design is one of the best the Spider-Man: TAS crew ever did.


The ending was pretty disappointing, if only for the fact it made it essentially wrote off the chance to see Venom and Carnage again. Despite the ending, it was still a damn good arc.