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The Vulture

Real Name: Adrian Tommes
Voice: Eddie Albert (Old)/ Alan Johnson (Young)
First Appearance: Shriek Of The Vulture
Adrian Toomes was the owner of Toomes Aerodynamics. Obsessed with flying from a young age, the elderly Toomes began using his company to research anti-gravity fields. Feeling that he was wasting time, Norman Osborn attempted to strong arm Toomes Aerodynamics stockholders into letting him buy it, and merge it with Oscorp.

Toomes finally mastered anti gravity, and created a set of wings that enabled him to fly. Using the technology from the tablet of time, he also created a device that allowed him to suck the youth out of people.

After using the youth sucking device on Spider-Man, he absorbed his disease, and began mutating into a Man Spider. After Curt Conners tricked the Vulture into permanently holding this disease, Toomes kept changing from his young self to his old self, and had no control over the transformation. He eventually used his original technology and swapped life ages with an infant Silvermaine, and retained his youth.

He used his newfound youth and power to join the Insidious Six and attempted to aid Kingpin in finding the Doomsday weapon.