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Real Name: Eddie Brock
First Appearance: Night Of The Lizard (As Brock), The Alien Costume, Part Two (As Venom)
Voice: Hank Azaria
Eddie Brock began as a rival of Peter Parker from the Daily Bugle. He, like his boss, J. Jonah Jameson, hated Spider-Man with a passion. He was fired from The Daily Bugle after falsely identifying Flash Thompson as Spider-Man on national TV, making Jameson look like a fool. He was later rehired after he lied and stated he had photographic evidence of Spider-Man stealing the Promethium X from John Jameson's shuttle, declining to mention it was The Rhino who had stolen it. Once Jameson discovered that Brock was lying, he fired him again. Brock followed Jameson, who led him to a fight between Spider-Man and The Shocker. Spider-Man left Brock behind once he had rejected the alien costume and the alien bonded with him, and they became Venom.

Endlessly tormenting Spider-Man, Venom had all of Spider-Man's powers and memories. Spider-Man defeating Venom by separating Brock and the alien, and sending the alien into space. Brock was then deemed mad, and Venom was merely a fragment in his imagination.

Venom returned when Dormammu brought the alien back to earth. Indebted to Dormammu, Venom agreed to steal an interdimensional transporter, a machine that could allow Dormammu to escape his alternate dimension. Unfortunately for Venom, his symbiote reproduced, and Carnage was born. Realizing that Carnage was truly evil, he assisted Spider-Man and Iron Man in brining him down, by trapping him in an alternate dimension. Venom also was trapped whilst saving his love, Dr. Ashley Kafka.