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Real Name: Lonnie Lincon
Voice: Dorian Harewood
First Appearance: The Tablet Of Time
Tombstone is a stone cold hit man, who works Silvermane after Hammerhead's departure. Tombstone was a childhood friend with Robbie Robertson before he was sent to Juvenile Hall for robbery. After setting Robbie up at a chemical plant, he slipped into a vat of acid and his skin was bleached chalk white and his strength was great increased.

He later tried to blackmail Robbie into killing a story that exposed his boss, Alicia Silvermane as a crime lord with by turning his son into a hired gun. After Spider-Man defeated Tombstone, he was later sent to Rooker's Island, where he and Richard Fisk tried to frame Robbie. Spider-Man and Jameson later proved Robbie's innocence and Tombstone was left to rot in jail