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Real Name: Peter Parker
Voice: Christopher Daniel Barnes
First Appearance: I Really, Really Hate Clones
An alternate reality version of Peter Parker who became insane after being told he wasn’t the real Peter, but only a clone. After The Scarlet Spider attempted to stop one of The Kingpin’s plans, the carnage symbiote escaped from one of Dr. Ohn’s dimensional porters and bonded with Peter, creating Spider-Carnage.

Believing the entire universe was tormenting him; Spider-Carnage forged an alliance with The Kingpin and planned to completely destroy all reality. After his attempt was stopped by several different Spider-Men from different dimensions, he transported into a dimension that was practically paradise for Peter Parker. This reality’s Parker was rich, had no secret identity to worry about, was engaged to the beautiful Gwen Stacey and the world loved him.

Realising that he shouldn’t be trying to fight Spider-Carnage, Spider-Man tried to understand him, and brought that reality’s Uncle Ben to reason with him. Apologising for all the evil he committed, he destroyed the dimensional transporter and committed suicide by jumping into an unbalanced portal.