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Alister Smythe

First Appearance: The Spider Slayers
Voice:Maxwell Caulfield
Alistair's father was a master of robotics who was hired by Norman Osborn to create a robot which would capture Spider-Man. He was caught inside the building as it exploded, with no sign of his body. After teaming with The Kingpin, his son, Alister using an updating his fathers Spider Slayer designs, designed a number of more advanced Spider Slayer robots with the intention to kill those responsible for his Father's dearth. After Spider-Man defeated the robots, Smythe continued to work for Fisk creating more robots to do Kingpin's bidding.

Smythe devised a plan that failed which lead to The Kingpins son being incarcerated. Feeling that Smythe failed him one too many times, he, along with Herbert Landon, turned Smythe into a cyborg. Unfortunately for them the programming wasn't strong enough and Smythe resisted and again tried to attack those responsible for his Father's death.

Smythe was unaware that his father was still alive until Spider-Man discovered it and explained it all to him. He then worked for anyone who could help lift his father from his cryogenic suspension.