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The Prowler

Real Name: Hobie Brown
First Appearance: The Prowler
Voice: Tim Russ
Hobie Brown was obsessed with power and all that it could bring him. A small time hood working for a man known only as Ice, he began stealing from Ice feeling he wasn't earning his fair cut for the work he was doing.

When Ice learned, he had his boys attempt to kill Hobie. After narrowly escaping that fate, he knew he needed to get out of town. He stole a passer by's purse in order to fund his new trip. Unfortunatly for him, he robbed from Spider-Man's fiance, Mary Jane. Once Spider-Man apprehended Brown, he was sent to prison for violating his parole.

Whilst incarceated, he saved Richard Fisk's life. His Father, The Kingpin then hired a hot shot lawyer to overturn Brown's conviction, and rewarded Hobie with a new battle suit. Naming himself The Prowler, he took over Ice's organisation before Fisk double crossed him and demanded he perform deeds for him if he wanted the suit re charging. Coming to Peter Parker for help, Prowler and Spider-Man attacked The Kingpin's base and recharged the suit. Hobie left soon afterwards to give up crime and get back with his girlfriend.