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Real Name: Micheal Morbius
First Appearance: The Insidious Six
Voice: Nick Jameson
A foreigner with a devoted passion of science, Michael Morbius was an ESU science student, Peter Parkers main academic rival. Obsessed with ridding his small country of a disease, which he believed was being carried by vampire bats he began testing on them. After being bitten by a mutated bat, he became a vampire, with a dying need for human plasma.

Spider-Man, feeling responsible for Morbius creation, tried to help him change back in to a human. After Blade and Spider-Man failed in stopping him, Morbius himself failed to turn his girlfriend, Felicia Hardy into a vampire, after she refused to feed on innocent people. Stopping the neogenic recombinator before it reached her, Morbius became trapped in it's rays and was turned into a giant vampire bat. He flew away, hid, and hibernated until Debra Whitman and Herbert Landon revived him. After a run in with Myrium, he realised he now had a true calling in life.

He then tried to rid the world of the horrible plague of vampires by joining Blade and Whistler to fight them.