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The Lizard

Real Name: Dr. Curt Conners
First Appearance: Night Of The Lizard
Voice: Joseph Campanella
Dr. Connors is Peter's science teacher at Empire State University. Using a device called the Neogenic Recombinator, Connors and Peter began experimenting with the device that they hoped would result in the regeneration of lost human limbs. Using genetics from a lizard which can grow lost limbs/skin, Connors tested the device on himself, and turned himself in a monster. Now half man, half reptile, The Lizard hoped to turn everyone in New York into Lizards like himself to cure them from any suffering or pain, but Spider-Man stopped him. Curt Connors repaid Spider-Man by helping him with his mutation disease, to prevent him from turning into Man-Spider, and over time, ridding him of his mutation disease.

Connors himself transforms into The Lizard when he becomes stressed or angered. He knows Spider-Man will help him anyway he can, and will bring The Lizard in without alerting the authorities or the media.

Connors was later abducted by mutant lizards who lived in the sewers when they found out that Dr. Connors created them. He became their Lizard King and ruled over them and the games they participated in. With help from Mary Jane, Debra Whitman, and Margaret Connors, Spider-Man was able to return Curt to his human self.

During the Secret Wars, the Beyonder kidnapped the Lizard to be a part of his team of villains. After he crashed into the heroes' headquarters, the Lizard was captured. Reed Richards was able to revive the human portion of his brain. The Lizard helped the team of heroes battle Dr. Doom and the other villains, as well as help Reed Richard and Iron Man operate the alien technology.