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The Kingpin

Real Name: Wilson Fisk
First Appearance: The Insidious Six
Voice:Roscoe Lee Brown
Wilson Fisk was born into crime; his father was a small time hood hoping to make it big in New York. After Wilson was caught assisting his dad in a burglary, he used his time in prison to learn about the criminal empire and how it was run. Upon his release, he quickly rose in the crime ranks, and became New York's biggest crime lord, The Kingpin of Crime.

With Spider-Man's sudden appearance costing him greatly, and his fellow crime lords angry that he had failed to capture the web wonder, Fisk assembled the Sinister Six to capture and kill Spider-Man. After they failed, Spider-Man continued interfering in Fisk's plan, even though he was completly unaware that Fisk was The Kingpin.

This changed when Fisk framed Peter Parker, and Spider-Man and Daredevil teamped up in order to prove his innocence. Unlike Spider-Man, Daredevil was all too aware of Fisk's criminal actitives, as Kingpin killed Battling Jack Murdock, Daredevil's Father.

Even though Spidey knew his identity, Fisk was still a constant thorn in Spider-Man's side, and the two never could defeat one another.