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Real Name: Jason Phillip Macendale
First Appearance: The Hobgoblin, Part One
Voice: Mark Hamill
The Hobgoblin was created by Norman Osborn to kill The Kingpin, who was continually applying pressure to both Norman and Oscorp, his business. Due to Peter Parkers interruption, and a run in with Spider-Man, he failed and Osborn fired him. Tired of being treated like a nobody, Hobgoblin used the information he had required from Norman and double crossed him, and sided with The Kingpin. The Kingpin later fired him for double-crossing him in order to get more weapons from Osborn. Sick of his talents being wasted, he attacked Kingpin, took over his enterprises and declared himself the new Kingpin of crime.

Spider-Man carried a strong hatred for The Hobgoblin; he injured his Aunt May and kidnapped his best friend and roommate, Harry Osborn. Determined to stop The Hobgoblin no matter what, Spider-Man gained access to Crime Central through an old sewer system, and the two battled inside. After saving Harry, Spider-Man fled.

Hobgoblin was an ambitious villain, he wanted to be respected and feared and he wanted cash. In an attempt to gain more power, he dated and propsed to the wealthy Felicia Hardy. He was later attacked by The Green Goblin and after Spider-Man saved him from certain death, he was promptly arrested.