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The Green Goblin II

Real Name: Harry Osborn
First Appearance: The Spider Slayer
Voice: Gary Imhoff
Harry is the son of Norman Osborn. Due to his father's demanding job, Harry grew up feeling he was unloved. He was best friends with Flash Thompson, but didn't hate Peter, unlike the football star. He asked Peter to move in with him when he wanted to move out of his fathers place. Peter, who thought it would be much easier living in the city accepted and the two of them became best friends. After Mary Jane felt Peter was ignoring her, she started seeing Harry. The 2 remained friends until she decided she no longer wanted to marry Harry.

Harry felt a strong hatred for Peter, believing he stole her from him. He later became depressed when both Mary Jane and his father went missing. He eventually snapped, and began seeing images of The Green Goblin, who told him he knew where his father was, providing he killed Spider-Man.

He used the same gas as his father to become the Green Goblin, and once Spider-Man and The Punisher defeated him, he was admitted to Ravencroft. He escaped when he learned of Peter and MJ's plan to get married. He tried to kill everyone at the wedding before Liz Allen stopped him, by telling him his friends do love him.