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The Green Goblin

Real Name: Norman Osborn
First Appearance: The Spider Slayers (As Osborn), Enter The Green Goblin (as The Goblin)
Voice: Neil Ross
Norman Osborn is the head of Oscorp Industries, and the Father of Harry Osborn, Peter's best friend. In order to pay off a debt he owed to The Kingpin Norman hired Spencer Smythe to kill Spider-Man, and funded his Spider Slayer robots. He later created The Hobgoblin and an army of weapons for him to use in order for him to kill Fisk. When both Peter Parker and Spider-Man intervined and stopped Hobgoblin, Norman fired The Hobgoblin, making himself another highly dangerous enemy.

Under continuing pressure from Fisk and his stockholders, Norman began to produce chemical weapons, including a gas that could enhance one's strength to untold levels of strength. Norman became exposed to the gas at an accident at Oscorp. As well as greatly increasing his strength, the gas drove him completly insane. Sick of his tormentors, he kidnapped them all and took on a new identity, that of The Green Goblin. Spider-Man stopped The Goblin but as the pressure's of running Oscorp and working for Fisk continued, Norman struggled to contain The Goblin.

When he finally became The Goblin again, he unmasked and eliminated The Hobgoblin and stole his dimensional transporter, which gave him the power to leap through other dimensions.Using this power, he learned that Spider-Man was really Peter Parker, and toyed with the idea of exposing his secret identity before finally deciding to kindnap his girlfriend Mary Jane.

After a battle on The George Washington Bridge, Mary Jane fell into one of The Goblin's portals, and was never seen again. The Goblin was to suffer the same fate after the dimensional transporter malfuctioned and sucked him into limbo.