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Real Name: Rhienholdt Kragov
First Appearance: Unclaimed Legacy
Voice: Phil Proctor
Rhienholdt Kragov spent much of his life searching for his Father, The Red Skull. After becoming the chief of police in his city, Kragov impersonated his father in an attempt to gain control of the doomsday weapon, an unknown aid in which his Father believed would help the Naziís win WWII.

A run in with The Kingpin left him without the box containing the secret information on the project, but after The Chameleon, Kragovís step-brother turned traitor on Kingpin, he had the box and all the keys to use the Doomsday weapon. After freeing The Red Skull from the vortex, the Red Skull used the Doomsday weapon on Kragov and he became Electro, Living God Of Electricity.

Realising he was now more powerful than The Red Skull, Spider-Man and The Six American Warriors put together, Electro demanded the UN declare him undisputed ruler of the world. After Captain America and Spider-Man fixed the Vortex which kept Cap and The Skull in stasis for 50 years, Electro attempted to bend the vortex, to prove that nothing is more powerful than he is. After overpowering the vortex, Electro damaged the controls and was sucked into the vortex.

Spider-Man and the remaining warriors then destroyed the vortex, so neither Electro nor The Red Skull would ever return again.