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Dr. Octopus

Real Name: Otto Octavius
First Appearance: The Return Of The Spider Slayers
Voice: Efrem Zimbalist. Jr
Otto Octavious worked for Felicia Hardy's mother, Anastasia Hardy, hoping to make a breakthrough in Fusion. Believing he could create a fusion reactor powerful enough to replace the world's nuclear power plants, Octavius worked feverishly on his reactor, until Hardy cut his contract when she felt he wasn't didn't delivering on his promises.

Determined to get his work recognized, he continued his own experiments, ignoring his personal safety. After an explosion in his lab, the 4 mechanical arms he used to do his work became permanently fused to his spine. He used his newfound power for revenge against those who previously wronged him, kidnapping Felicia and demanding a ransom from her mother to use to fund his research.

He would later join the Sinister Six and worked for The Kingpin, repeatedly using science to justify his crimes. After all, that's all Doc Ock cares about!