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The Chameleon

First Appearance: Day Of The Chameleon
The Chameleon is an international terrorist available to the highest bidder. He can change his physical appearance into a genetic duplicate of anyone, which he captures with an image devise on his belt. He was trained on how to use this device by it's creator, The Red Skull, when he was only a boy. The Chameleon never spoke in his true form, he always morphed into someone else to speak.

He began working for The Kingpin, first as a member of the Insidious Six, and he later helped Fisk frame both Peter Parker and Spider-Man before he was apprehended by Daredevil.

He later worked for Fisk again, as a member of The Insidious Six and turned traitor on him to help his Step-Father, The Red Skull find the Doomsday Device. After Electro turned on The Skull, and he and Captain America vanished in the vortex, The Chameleon escaped, never to be seen again.