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Real Name: Cletus Kassady
First Appearance: Venom Returns
Voice: Scott Cleverdon
Spider-Man originally faced Cletus Kassady after he threatened to blow up an orphange. After stopping him, Kassady was sent to Ravencroft and lived in the cell next to Eddie Brock. When Baron Mordo offereed Brock the chance to become Venom again, Carnage told Mordo to forget Brock, and give him the symbiote instead.

When Venom appeared to be failing in his task to get the interdimensional transporter to Dormammu, he gave Cletus Kassady the symbiote's offspriong, after he agreed to serve him and "create glorious Carnage throughout the land."

He later attempted to bring Dormammu into our dimension by consuming the life force of various people, including Spider-Man, Detective Terry Lee and Dr. Kafka. He was later trapped in an alternate dimension along with Venom in order to stop Dormammu.