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The X-Men

First Appearance: The Mutant Agenda
Members: Proffessor Xavier, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Gambit, Beast, Rouge, Jubille and Storm
The X-Men are a group of mutant united to fight for peace between mutants and humans. Founded by Proffessor Charles Xavier, The X-Men fight to protect a world that hates and fears them.

Spider-Man originally came to seek Xavier's help with his mutantion disease only to fight the X-Men and leave empty handed. After Beast went missing that same evening, Wolverine believed that Spider-Man set him up, and went gunning for the web slinger.

After realising that Spider-Man wasn't to blame, Spider-Man and Logan searched for the real kidnappers, and found Beast's old collegue, Herbert Landon responsible. Landon had devised a plan to kill all mutants using Beast's earlier research.

After Spider-Man and Wolverine saved Beast, Landon fell into a vat of the mutant killing chemical and mutated into a huge, 30 foot monster. Spider-Man was forced to team with the X-Men and they managed to stop the creature. Wolverine then reminded Spider-Man that he didn't have to bare it all alone, he did have friends, and if he needed them, call.

Spider-Man remembered that when he was challenged by The Beyonder to proof which is greater, good or evil, by choosing Storm to fight alongside him.