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The Six American Warriors

Voice: Roy Dotrice as Keene Marlow
Walker Edmiston as Bob Frank/The Whizzer
Kathy Garver as Madelyne Joyce/Miss America
Paul Winfield as Omar Mosley/The Black Marvel
Hansford Rowe as The Thunderer
First Appearance: Secrets Of The Six

After the secret formula which turned Steve Rogers into Captain American was lost in an explosion, The Allies attempted to re-create the process in order to gather an army of Super Soldiers. Due to war time chemcial shortages, only another 5 volunter's could be doused in the formula. As the Six of them were nearly killed in the experiment, it was then decided that they would no longer continue the experiments.

Along with Captain America, they became The Six American Warrior. Miss America defied gravity, The Whizzer became one of the fastest mean alive, The Thunderer gained an ear-crushing vocal scream whilst The Black Marvel and The Destroyer power's almost duplicated Captain America's.

After Cap became trapped in the vortex, the Six went they're seperate ways. 50 years later, they reuinted to help Spider-Man defeat The Insidious Six, thier old enemy The Red Skull and Electro and were treated to a round of applause by the UN.