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The Punisher

Real Name: Frank Castle
First Appearance: Enter The Punisher
Voice: John Beck
After his family where caught in crossfire between rival gangs, Frank Castle began bringing his own brand of justice to criminals' lives. Using a mass amount of weaponry, Frank, with the aid of Chip, his partner, began traveling right through the country killing anyone who he thought deserved it.

The Punisher targeted Spider-Man after he was falsely accused ok kidnapping Michael Morbius. After he turned into Man Spider, The Punisher helped Kraven and Dr. Crawford turn Spider-Man human again, releasing that Spider-Man wasn't guilty.

He later tried to discover what exactly happened to Mary Jane after her second disappearance, after almost killing The Green Goblin. Feeling that he wasn't helping good people, he promised Anna Watson that he'd find Mary Jane for her. After MJ mysteriously reappeared, he delievered her back to her greatful Aunt.