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Mary Jane Watson

First Appearance: The Return Of The Spider Slayers
Voice: Sara Ballantine
Mary Jane was the girl Peter never wanted to date. Peters Aunt May was always trying to set them up, but Peter refused, as he hated blind dates. Upon laying eyes on her, he soon changed his mind.

CoMary Jane is a model/aspiring actress. She used to date Morey Bench, who began stalking her after he became Hydro-Man. She and Spider-Man later defeated him after she tricked him into following her up to the top of a high building, miles away from his power sources.

Shortly after, she began feeling that Peter never gave her the attention she deserved, she began dating Harry and they were engaged to marry one another, until she realized she didn't love Harry the way she felt she would, and realised she still loved Peter.

She was kidnapped by the Green Goblin and was trapped in an alternate dimension. The real Mary Jane was never seen again, but she was cloned by Miles Warren after his Hydro Man clone ordered him to create her as a companion to him. Peter, believing that it was the real Mary Jane revealed his secret identity to her and they soon married. She later literally fell apart, her molecules transforming to water. It is believed Spider-Man eventually found the real Mary Jane with a little help from Madame Web but no one is sure...