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Flash Thompson

First Appearance: The Spider Slayers
Voice: Patrick Labyorteaux
Peter Parkerís main rival from high school, Flash would constantly pick on Parker. This nearly cost him his life after he dressed up as Spider-Man and warned Parker to stop taking pictures. After he was mistaken for the real Spider-Man, he was kidnapped by The Black Widow, one of Spencer Smythe's Spider Slayers. Spider-Man saved him from the robot, and Flash finally got a chance to meet his big hero.

Flash attends ESU on a football scholarship. Flash was usually feuding with Peter over the attentions of Felicia Hardy, until he realised that she wasnít interested. He later discovered that he was the attention of another girl, Debra Whitman. He became ill after having his plasma drained by Morbius, and feared for Debraís safety. He and Debra later helped The Black Cat and Spider-Man return Dr. Crawford back into her human form.