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The Fantastic Four

Voice: Cam Clarke as Mr. Fantastic
Gail Matthius as The Invisible Woman
Quinton Flynn as The Human Torch
Patrick Pinney as The Thing
First Appearance: Secret Wars, Part One: Arrival

While attempting to investigate a strange disturbance in space, Reed Richards, his wife Sue, her brother Johnny Storm and Reed's best friend, pilot Ben Grimm were thrown of course when their ship was bombarded with cosmic rays.

The accident altered their bodies in strange ways, Reed could now stretch and mold his body into any shape he pleased; Sue had the ability to turn herself and objects around her invisible; Johnny could create and manipulate flames and Ben was permanently turned into an ugly, orange rocked creature with barbaric strength. Together, they became The Fantastic Four.

In the Secret War, Spider-Man realised that there was an opponant he knew nothing about in Dr. Doom so he could upon The Fantastic Four, who had previously defeated Doom. After some disagrements, they later agreed to help Spider-Man.

They later seperated, with the Four launching an attack on Doom by themselves. Upon travelling, Ben was kidnapped by one of Doom's Doombots. They later learned that Doom had no intention of harming Ben, no, he cured him by creating a device which gave him the ability to turn back into Ben Grimm. He did this so that Ben would tell him why they were transported to the alien planet. After being told, Doom transported to The Beyonder and used the same device he cured Ben with to steal The Beyonder's powers.

Ben later used the same device to seperate to seprate Doom from The Beyonder's powers and The Beyonder sent everyone back to earth.

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