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Debra Whitman

First Appearance: Night Of The Lizard
Voice: Liz Georges
The annoying little know it all that plagued Peter throughout his tenure at Empire State University, Debra loved to prove she was a better student than him at every turn.

Debra won the job as Dr. Conners research assistant when ESU won the grant from Toomes Aerodynamics. She used the money to try and revive Michael Morbius from his vampire state, still having feelings for him.

She later developed feelings for Flash Thompson and the two of them helped The Black Cat cure Calypso back into Mariah Crawford.

After realising science was bringing her nothing but misery, Debra became a party girl until Margaret Conners pleaded with her to help turn Dr. Conners lethal Neogenic bomb into something that wouldn’t kill any Neogenic irritated person upon impact.