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Real Name: Matt Murdock
First Appearance: Framed
Voice: Edward Albert
The son of A Battling Jack Murodck, Matt Murdock worshiped the ground his Father walked on until he saw his Father working for an mobster in order to pay for Matt's upbringing. Running from the site of his Father, he ran in front of a truck carrying radioactive isotopes that fell and sprayed in his face.

The isotope blinded Matt Murdock. It took his sight, but enhanced his other four senses, smell, hearing, touch and taste. After The Kingpin killed his father, another blind man took young Murdock in, named Stick. Stick trained Murdock how to become a fighter and helped developed his 'radar sense'. Taking his new found skills, he began his crusade to end Fisk's criminal empire using the name the kids at school used to tease him with, Daredevil.

Matt Murdock was hired as Peter Parkers attorney when Parker was falsely accused of treason. When he realised that Spider-Man was also falsely accused he trusted Spider-Man and told him that The Kingpin was actually Wilson Fisk. The two teamed up to stop Richard Fisk and clear Peter Parker's name. Then Daredevil left New York in order to gather evidence and put Kingpin behind bars.