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Dr. Mariah Crawford

Voice: Susan Beaubian
First Appearance: Kraven The Hunter
Spider-Man first encountered Dr. Crawford when she was fleeing from her deranged boyfriend, Kraven The Hunter.

Dr. Crawford used a potion given to her from her colleague, which acted as a wonder drug. However it was untested, but Sergai had been badly wounded in a fight and desperately needed medical attention. His recovering was immculate but it also turned him into a very dangerous man battling insanity. She fled to America and with Spider-Man's help, help revert Kraven back to himself.

After Sergai was cured, he and Mariah returned to Africa. They returned to New York in order to stop Man-Spider and help Spider-Man find a cure for his disease.

Mariah later was infected by an unknown virus, and used a modified version of the drug that turned Sergai into Kraven on herself. She was transformed in a monster called Calypso. After Debra Whitman developed a cure, she and Kraven fled, and Spider-Man never saw either of them again.