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Voice: J.D Hall
First Appearance: Blade The Vampire Hunter
Blade's mother was a normal woman whom fell in love with a vampire. Once she had given birth to him, she could not bear the thought of his miserable life with her, so she gave him away. The boy soon started to discover a startling secret; he had all the powers of a vampire, enhanced speed, reflexes and strength and none of their weaknesses. Daylight had no effect on him, but he still had the cravings they had for plasma that all vampires lived with.

Blade was then discovered by a vampire hunter named Whistler and trained him to hunt the thing he despised the most, Vampires. Giving him the knowledge of how to defeat the vampires and the means to do it, Blade and Whistler circled the globe to hunt Vampires. Whistler developed a seryum for Blade which ceased his cravings for plasma.

Spider-Man and Blade where forced to team up to defeat Morbius, the Immortal Vampire. Whilst trying to defeat Morbius, Blade met Terry Lee and they fell in love. Blade, however, thought that she would lead a better life without him and refused to be with her.

After finding out his Mother was now a vampire, he put a stop to her plan to turn everyone in New York in Vampires, and he, Whistler, Black Cat and Morbius formed a new group to hunt all vampires down.