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Black Cat

Real Name: Felicia Hardy
First Appearance: The Sting Of The Scorpion (As Felicia), The Black Cat (as Black Cat)
Voice: Jennifer Hale
Rich, spoiled, and arrogant are 3 very good words that describe Felicia Hardy. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Felicia is never too pleased when things don’t go her way, whether Peter Parker has ditched her on a date or a supervillian has crashed her latest party, or worse, dared to try and kidnap her!

Felicia began seeing Peter when she needed help with her science class at Empire State University. After meeting and being saved by Spider-Man on several occasions, she developed a crush on the wallcrawler and wouldn’t date Peter because of it!

She dated Michael Morbius before he became a vampire and refused to join him in immortality because she refused to feed on innocent people. After becoming engaged to yet another supervillain, Felicia believed she was like a Black Cat, bringing misery to whoever she opened her heart to.

Felicia’s father was a cat burglar who was the only man alive who knew the formula for the top-secret super soldier project that created Captain America. The Kingpin blackmailed John Hardesky into telling him the formula and used Felicia, his daughter as his guinea pig.

The result of the test was that she gained the powers of a super soldier, increased strength, speed, agility and reflexes! She later learned that with these gifts came great responsibility. She teamed with Spider-Man and helped him and Peter deal with the loss of Mary Jane, until she decided to help Morbius and Blade rid the world of vampires. Later attempts to rekindle her relationship with Spider-Man failed, as Peter Parker had already married MJ. Realising there was no place for her in New York, she returned to help Morbius and Blade fight vampires.