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Spider-Man Disabled
Review by Pyro, Media by Stu

Episode #10 - Spider-Man Disabled
Original Airdate August 8, 2003

Peter covers a press conference and inadvertently videotapes incriminating evidence against Silver Sable, an eastern European assassin for hire. Now she will stop at nothing including killing Harry and Mary Jane to get the tape back.

Screenplay By: Morgan Grendal, Rick Suville
Directed By: Alan Caldwell
Music By: John Digweed, Nick Muir and William Anderson
Animation By: Mainframe
Guest Starring: Angelle Brooks as Indy, Virgina Madsen as Silver Sable

Review: This episode was just an average episode to me. Let me start with the villain. Silver Sable is from the comics so that gives her a point, but there she is a pretty minor character, so lets take away that point. Instead of using her trademark chais (a three-pronged throwing projectile she designed) She has two... poles that come from her arms. The way she is displayed in this episode upsets me because all her originality is wasted and she seems to be an Elektra rip-off. I am also reminded of the episode with Shikata. I think they could have given her a little more background by making her a Symkarian ambassador, but maybe it was easier to make her plain Jane Perkins, the mayor's assistant.

I think the show needs more familiar characters. The trio of Peter, MJ, and Harry is getting annoying, so then we get Indy, who I think is even more annoying, but with a blinding colour scheme. Where are all the supporting cast members like Aunt May or Gwen or whoever? At least Indy is useful. Working at Empire1 gives them the low-down on all the baddies.

As always, the animation was great. The web-swinging in this episode was beautiful, as was the rest of the animation. I don't care too much for his quick changing, which occurred twice this episode, but I can see how it saves time. Peter's stealth was displayed perfectly though. I loved the scene when the assassins came to his apartment.

My biggest problem with Dis-Sabled, and pretty much the series in general, is Peter's character, and the poor way they get rid of the villain. Once again, the villain "died." Most likely not, but the villain is assumed to be dead, and could be dead as far as Peter knows. Yet he never shows any emotion over it. Peter is motivated by the death of his uncle he is about preventing it. I think all these "deaths" are because the writers can't figure out a way for Spider-Man to save the day and stop the "villain" without the villain being "dead." I would really like to see a more creative ending. Next, the viewer can assume Indy spent the night. I really don't think that is something would do, at least not with her, or at that stage in their relationship. Harry's assessment earlier in the episode was right. I always thought Peter would be too modest in character. I think that this was just another thing the writers put in just because they can. I don't think it's necessary.

Despite those problems with the episode, I truly enjoyed it, but maybe it is just because I am a huge Spidey fan. As I said before though, this was just an average episode, but enjoyable just the same. From 1-5 I'd give it a 4