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Mind Games, Part 1
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #12 - Mind Games, Part 1
Original Airdate September 5, 2003

Spider-Man foils an attempted break out by two super powered twins with uncanny mental abilities. Struggling to deal with the constant complications in his life, Peter finally reveals to Mary Jane that heís Spider-Man. Will our hero have the happy ending he deserves?

Screenplay By: Morgan Grenda
Directed By: Alan Caldwell, Vincent Edwards, Audu Paden
Music By: John Digweed, Nick Muir and William Anderson
Animation By: Mainframe
Guest Starring:Kathy Griffin as Roxanne Gaines, Jeremy Piven as Roland, James Marsters as Sergei, Virginia Madsen as Silver Sable, Michael Dorn as Kraven the Hunter, Angelle Brooks as Indy.

Review: Mind Games is the first 2-part story from our new Spider-Man cartoon, and certainly a memorable one, and these episodes are clearly in a league above that of those that came before them. I usually find a lot of 2 part stories are either needlessly extending a story that couldíve been told in a single episode or are cramming far too much of a story into an hour, but Mind Games managed to stray from that bunch, as each episode needs the other in order to work to their full effect, but they are very different enough from each other. For example, this episode is perfectly enjoyable, and isnít simply building up to the climax.

Dream episodes are tricky to pull off, but make for some fantastic episodes when done correctly. Some dream episodes feel like a cop out when the end credits roll, but this one had a great story behind, and actual real life consequences. Still, MJ was still a shocker! I knew it was a dream sequence, but I still wasnít expecting them to actually kill her!

Whilst this episode still isnít as good as itís conclusion, itís obvious that steps were being made to correct the problems of the rest of the season. By having Silver Sable, Pterodax and introducing Kraven into the show, they managed to get rid of the 'freak of the week' feeling that has been plaguing the show, they didn't need to have the villains connected to Peter/Mary Jane/Harry the villains turned up to make life miserable for everyone else, and to kill Spider-Man. The new villains, the twins, where given good motivation for their plan, it worked well into the theme of the episode, and they were damn creepy. We get all the good stuff this show is known for, itís incredible fight scenes, itís snappy dialogue, plus we got some great development for Peter especially. Plus, we got some fanboy nods! Fanboy nods! On MTV!

Peter unmasking was a great little scene. I liked how it wasnít a big epic unveil, but a small, Ďlet it all goí moment. The fact that MJ dies mere minutes after she finds out is a great way of showing just why Peter keeps his identity a secret.

Plus, this episode's conclusion is a perfect set up for the next episodes opening.