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Keeping Secrets
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #5 - Keeping Secrets
Original Airdate July 17, 2003

Spider-Man is out to catch Talon, a female thief who’s behind a series of high-risk robberies in the city. Things get complicated when Spidey learns Talon’s true identity – she’s his best friend Harry’s new girlfriend!

Screenplay By: Rick Suvalle
Directed By: Vincent Edwards
Music By: John Digweed, Nick Muir and William Anderson
Animation By: Mainframe
Guest Starring: Eve as The Talon/ Cheyenne, Ed Asner as Officer Barr and Jennifer Hale as Newswoman

Review: In this episode, we see another created for MTV villain, not one of the famed comic villains. The interesting thing what that she was originally supposed to The Black Cat, before Eve was cast and MTV ordered the character be changed to reflect her a little. So not only were we gypped out of an interesting villain, but we got a fingernails on chalkboardboard style voice to boot. Thanks MTV. I love you too.

Now, despite what the above paragraph says, this was a classic example of what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man. A difficult choice, allow his somewhat depressed friend, who still is having trouble coping with the loss of his father, to be happy, or apprehend the criminal? The great thing about this version of Spider-Man is he doesn't quickly jump to his conclusion of what is right and what is wrong. He does this because nearly every time he makes one of these decisions someone is hurt. He tries to reason with her, unlike most heroes. He wants his friend to be happy, but knows he will get hurt if he allows her to continue.

Despite a potentially heartbreaking plot, the humour in the episode is still present, and is actually a little stronger than in previous episodes. Whether Talon is mocking our spandex-clad hero or Peter is mocking the spoilt little rich girl, there are plenty of laughs to be found.

Once again, we are treated to some great animation, particularly the fight in the construction scene with Spidey twirling, jumping and propelling himself around the steel framing. Talon’s design was pretty uninspired. Whether they had to rush to change it from Black Cat or not, I’m unaware, but for a series with such strong visual, both the villains designs, both the villains designs, Talon & Cheyenne, were simply mediocre.

The most disappointing thing about this episode was the ending. While it was nice to see some more tension building between Spider-Man and the cops specifically officer Barr portrayed by the wonderful Ed Asner, the ending we got was still crap. She got shot and got away. That’s it. I was hoping she wouldn’t die, but at least that would’ve been something.

Still, it was an entertaining ride, which was unfortunate victim of an abrupt ending.