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Head Over Heels
Review and Media by Stu

Episode #7 - Head Over Heels
Original Airdate July 25, 2003

Peter Parker’s lab partner Christina reads his mind with her new invention: an ESP crown. The crown malfunctions, jolting her own brain with electricity and altering her reality. No longer able to distinguish reality from fantasy, Christina attempts to kill MJ in order to limit the competition for Spider-Man’s eternal affection.

Screenplay By: Tracey Forbes
Directed By: Brandon Vietti
Music By: John Digweed, Nick Muir and William Anderson
Animation By: Mainframe
Guest Starring: Tara Strong as Christina, Rino Ramano as Kwang

Review: Well, to put it short, this episode reeked of MTV. It’s pretty bad by anyone’s standards, if only for it’s premises. Spider-Man, a guy who has, you know, fought The Green Goblin, a guy who can control electricity and a 7-foot human reptile, is fighting a fan girl. A fan girl. What the hell?

Despite it's stupid premises, there where enjoyable parts of the episode, such as Peter explaining something truthful, deep and meaningful about himself was one of his allergy to fish, and the ending fight on the lift between Spidey and Christina. The undoubted highlight has to be Spidey's one liner; after he's annoyed that Christiana kidnapped MJ, where he starts shouting "I think your invention sucks!" Arguably one of the series funniest lines, but it couldn’t save an entire episode.

Despite him not being in the episode much, Harry got a nice chance to shine. He came this close to stealing the episode with his “Your turning me into one of your chick friends!” scene. Considering how dull pretty much all versions of pre-Goblin Harry are, it’s probably not the highest accolade to call this version of Harry the best ever, but still, he’s worlds better than any other version. I remember he received a lot of criticism before the show started airing, because he was blonde. Internet fanboys can be such a fickle bunch, I tell you.

MJ’s characterisation was completely off in this episode, constantly annoying Peter. I realise she wanted to be closer to Peter, but damn… she was bordering on a ‘restraining order’ relationship.

Other than that, despite some nice animation with his web slinging, this is one of the more forgettable episodes of the show that is simply disappointing since we’ve only got 13 episodes