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The Gaines Twins

First Appearance: Mind Games, Part One
Real Name: Roland Gaines, Roxanne Gaines
Voice: Kathy Griffin as Roxanne; Jeremy Piven as Roland
Bio: After escaping their armored prison transport the diabolical The Gaines Twins, Roxanne and Roland have brain-blasted Spider-Man/Peter Parker into believing that Mary Jane Watson has died at the hands of Kraven the Hunter.

Convinced by Frank Elson, a mysterious stranger, that the only solace is revenge, Spider-Man now tracks down Kraven in order to pay him the identical fate he inflicted on MJ. During his fight with Kraven, Spider-Man realizes that the Gaines Twins are behind everything and Spider-Man seeks them out to confront them. During the confrontation it looks like Spider-Man is winning as he frees MJ from their grasp. Things take a turn for the worse when the Twins use their mental power to trick Spider-Man into harming Indy. After this, the chatter (along with the rest of New York's sentiment) is all anti Spider-Man and unfortunately a grief stricken Peter Parker agrees. This leaves Spider-Man one last obligation. He tracks down The Gaines Twins at a propane factory where their end is nothing short of explosive.