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First Appearance: The Party
Real Name: Max Dillion
Voice: Ethan Embery
Bio: In The Party, Peter's geeky high school friend, Max Dillon, is trying to fit into college life by joining a fraternity and becoming one of the "in-crowd." Unfortunately, the fraternity is only allowing Max to participate in their "rush process" as a big joke. When Max is hazed at a party the prank takes a turn for the worse and ultimately leads to the creation of Electro, a high voltage villain that threatens the campus. Electro has a score to settle with his previous tormentors and he's relentless. Only Spider-Man can stop him from killing innocent and not so innocent students.

Months later, it's revealed that Electro has been hiding, plotting his comeback. Tired of being lonely, he plans to make Sally Johnson into an Electrical being like him. Spider-Man stopped him, and Electro was trapped forever inside an electrical conducter, before being thrown into the sea.