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Episode #17 - Spider-Man Unmasked!
When the Sandman discovers Spider-Man is really Peter Parker, the Spider-Friends go to all lengths to try and prove him wrong.

Episode #18 - The Transylvanian Connection
cula attempts to make Firestar his bride! Spider-Man and Iceman must stop the wedding by travelling to Translyvania and defeating Dracula once and for all!

Episode #19 - The Education Of A Superhero
When a nerd gains the powers of Videoman, he attempts to become a superhero. He soon realises it's not as easy as it looks...

Episode #20 - Attack Of The Arachnoid
A scientist duplicates Spider-Man's powers and commit's crimes in his costume and even has Spider-Man believing he has gone mad! Can Iceman and Firestar unveil the truth before Spider-Man is found guilty?

Episode #21 - Origin Of The Spider-Friends
How did Spider-Man meet his Amazing Friends?

Episode #22 - Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow
Siblings from the future crash land on Earth. Instantly falling for the girl from the future, Spider-Man does his all to protect her as Dr. Octopus attacks!

Episode #23 - The X-Men Adventure
The Spider-Friends visit The X-Men and get caught in a dangerous trap in the Danger Room!

Episode #24 - Mission: Save The Guardstar
Iceman is forced to fight his own sister in order to stop her taking control of the Guardstar Satellite.