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The Green Goblin

Real Name: Norman Osborn
First Appearance: Triumph Of The Green Goblin
Voice: Neil Ross as Osborn, Dennis Marks as The Goblin
Norman Osborn became The Green Goblin after an chemical explosion in an accident gave him super human strength and different personality, void of any of Normanís feelings. He was believed to have been cured after his stay in the sanatorium, but after his plane crashed, his Goblin personality appeared once again.

Kidnapping his niece Norma in order to find out where his Goblin formula was being hidden, with hopes of using it to turn everyone into ugly Goblinís like him. He ran into the Spider-Friends and they stopped him from poisoning New York Cityís water supply and after flying into electrical power lines, he was once again transformed back into Norman, where he vowed to stay in the sanatorium until he was permanently cured.