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Real Name: Peter Parker
First Appearance: Triumph Of The Green Goblin
Voice: Dan Gilvezan
Before forming the Spider-Friends, Spider-Man fought crime on his lonesome, whilst trying to make a living as a freelance photographer working for J. Jonah Jameson, the fearless Publisher of The Daily Bugle, an anti-Spider-Man newspaper.

Spider-Manís origins date back to his high school days, after a bite from a radioactive spider in a demonstration in radiation, Peter realised he had gained the spiderís abilities, including the ability to cling to any surface, a sense of precognition which he later deemed his Spider-Sense and super enhanced speed, agility and strength. Immediately hoping to cash in on his newfound gifts, he went to the local wrestling show and upset the champion with an embarrassingly easy victory. A talent agent spotted him and wanted to put him on TV. Making himself a costume so no one would recognise him, Peter even gave himself a stage name Ė Spider-Man. But good things seldom last for Peter Parker. Upon seeing a robber running towards him in the backstage area, Peter let him pass, selfishly thinking of no but himself. Later that evening, the robber shot and murdered Peterís Uncle Ben. Realising that with great power comes great responsibility, Peter apprehended the robber and continued to fight crime as Spider-Man.

After forming the Spider-Friends, Peter, Angelica and Bobby lived with his Aunt May whilst they attended ESU. Both Peter and Bobby felt romantic feelings for Angelica, but both failed to act upon them in fears that it would ruin their friendships. They continued to fight crime together as the best of friends