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Real Name: Angelica Jones
First Appearance: Triumph Of The Green Goblin
Voice: Kathy Garver
Growing up in an underprivileged home, Angelica Jones was teased as a child and kept her mutant powers a secret from all those around her. After helping apprehend a woman who was caught stealing a trophy from her school, Angelica later joined The X-Men, where she first met Bobby Drake – Iceman.

After graduation at Xavier’s school, she and Bobby went to ESU, where they met Peter Parker. When Peter accidentally set his camera off when there was a fire at ESU, he developed the pictures and discovered pictures of Angelica changing into Firestar. He shared his own secret with Bobby and Angelica, and they decided to become a team. Angelica came up with the name the Spider-Friends.

The trio later fought the likes of The Green Goblin, Dr. Doom and Mysterio, but neither Peter nor Bobby could admit their feelings for Angelica.